Quality standard poodles in black, blue, apricot, cream and occasionally parti-colors from Michigan



Please read down through all of the information
before thinking of adding one of our puppies to your family.

Our Puppy Purchase/Health Contract

can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Please read it!




**Our puppies are born and raised in our home right next to our busy kitchen,

NOT in a kennel.



 They are kept in a roomy xpen with litter and can watch our busy activities such as vaccuming, the TV, visitors etc.


 They receive loads of attention on a daily basis from us to stimulate them with human sound and touch.



At the appropriate age and weather permitting, they do spend time outside in a

safe enclosed area
where they can receive the needed sunshine and fresh air so

vitaL to a puppy's wellbeing and physical growth. 


Our puppies are examined and vaccinated at 8 weeks of age by our licensed veterinarian. This is their first series and will need two more plus a Rabies given later. Read this information about a vaccination schedule.

Puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 9+ weeks of age.

While there is never a perfect guarantee of health when breeding, we try our best to utilize the current testing available to reduce the risk of producing heath issues. Therefore we strive to offer you puppies whose parents have passed those screening tests.




We are looking for "forever homes" for our puppies. 

If you would like to be considered when inquiring about our puppies, please tell us

a little about yourself and the kind of home you can offer a poodle companion by

filling out our puppy questionnaire located on a number of pages.

This information helps us match puppies to their families.


 We do not ship our puppies alone unless one of his/her new family

members is traveling with them.
The closest large airport is two hours away. We

can arrange to meet you at the airport.


We require two references from you, one from the veterinarian and from a

you will be seeing with your puppy.   This applies to EVERYONE who

wants to purchase a puppy from us whether you have owned Standards in the past

or not as this provides us with information about you from someone who knows

you and your pets and will assure us that our puppies will be well taken care of

once they are in their new homes. 


A minimum of $500.00 deposit holds a puppy once the litter arrives and has visited our vet but before they are ready to go to their new homes and is
NON-REFUNDABLE.  It can be moved to another litter.
Please be sure you are ready for a puppy!  

We don't accept checks but will accept money orders or cash..

Payments can be made while the puppy is in our care but must be paid in full before your puppy goes home with you.

Price is $1500.00-$1600.00 for pet companions with limited registration. You are buying a puppy from parents who are health tested and have earned titles in some event proving their stability and intelligence.


Our puppies are sold with limited registration which means he/she can not be shown in the conformation ring but can compete  in Obedience, Agility, and Hunt events.  We highly encourage you to involve your poodle in one of these sports as it can be very rewarding not to mention lots of fun for the dog and the whole family. It also means that if you go ahead and breed this dog, AKC will not register the puppies from that litter. We strongly recommend spaying or neutering your puppy at the appropriate age of (11-14 months). Some food for thought on early neutering/spaying.


References from us are available upon request.

If you are ready for a Rivers Edge Standard Poodle puppy
please contact us by filling out our
puppy questionnaire.

 We usually respond within two days.





 This contract is for limited registration(no breeding rights)

and applies "ONLY" to puppies who have their first set of puppy vaccinations.

Older pups and young adults will go home with the two-year(from birth date) health guarantee

but no immediate return policy...make sure you are ready for a family companion!










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