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Our Latest News



Our New AKC Champion
June 10, 2023 Waverly, Iowa at the Waterloo Kennel Club Show....Scout earned his AKC Championship.
His championship was accomplished in seven weekends of showing...

February 11, 12 2023...Four Seasons Belgian Shepherd Dog Club

Both Carmine(Sable) and Summer(Parti) finished earning their UKC Championship titles with a number of Best Female wins. 

October 14, Centreville, MI....All American Bulldog Kennel Club Show one of our guardian girls, Luna finishes her UKC Championship.

October 1, 2022...Corunna, MI  Our little 6 month old Naomi and Shade daughter, Summer outdid herself at her very first show. Winning BEST OF BREED over 8 multicolored poodles Champions and Grand Champions. Included in the group were UKC top ten and the current #1 multicolored poodle in the U.S. We couldn't be prouder of this little girl! All in all she earned all of her competition wins in the two days she showed.......now onto finishing her Ch. title.

This is a video of Summer going up against the Champion and Grand Champion for BEST OF BREED


September 17, 2022....Rocksy did it...she earned her last needed pass for her hunting retriever title in Pioneer, Ohio Hunting Retriever Club. This girl just LOVES to retrieve like her mom and dad and grandfather, Rene' before her...
August 6...St. Clair Flats Hunting Club.  Rocksy has earned her third pass....one more to go!


June 18, 2022....Our Rocksy is on a roll.  She earned her 2nd HRC/UKC started pass for retrieving at the St. Clair Flats Hunting Retriever Club 1-day hunt test.  This girl loves retrieving her ducks.  Go Rocksy!!!

June 5....Howell, MI  Our Rocksy earned her first HRC/UKC retrieving pass. We are so excited for her as this is our 5th homebred poodle to be competing in hunt trials for us personally. She loves bringing in her ducks from land and water.

April 23, 2022....Fenwick, MI    Charli and Rocksy attended and participated  at the Great Lakes Hunting Retriever Club fun hunt test. This was Rocksy first time at an event.  Charli was awarded a plaque to honor her title achievements for 2021. All in all we had a Great time!

December 18, 2021...Jackson Mi at the One Paw Forward show Carmine(our third generation Sable) earned her first competition points toward her Championship.
December 18, 2021...One Paw Forward Club  Jackson, MI...Our Scout finishes his UKC Championship in Style with a BOB over the Champion class winner and then earns a Group 1 at nine months of age.


October 3, 2021....Bay Area Regional Kennel Club, Corunna our Nina aka "Rivers Edge Royally Stormin"  finished her UKC Champion titles.  

June 5, 2021.....Great News!!
Our Charli has earned her final pass for her UKC Started hunting title.

May 31, 2021  Our poodle girls had a great time at the Bay Area Regional Kennel Club.
Nina(black) earned one Best Female and Best of Breed and Reagan(apricot) with Katie showed for the first time and also earned a Best Female, Best of Breed and a Group 3.  Reagan is our Gunner daughter who lives in a guardian home with Katie and her mom Sigrid.

May 30, 31 2021...We have a new UKC Ch.  Mozaic Unique Opportunity aka "Porsha"

Porsha finished her UKC Champion title at the Bay Area Regional Kennel Club show.

She earned several Best Female and Best of Breed with a Group 3 and 4.

Spring/Summer of 2020..........We have been taking advantage of this historic stay-at-home time to continue to showcase what our poodles can accomplish with a little one on one training. The American Kennel Club is encouraging ones to work towards earning Trick dog titles as well as Rally Obedience titles via submitted videos for evaluation. Needless to say we and the poos have been having loads of fun.   

Rocksy was one of our dogs who earned an AKC Trick Dog Title...video below of  her tricks she did to qualify.

February 2020....at the MMPC  Gunner earns his Novice Trick dog title and his CGC

February 9, 2020  Belgian Shepherd Club.......Our Vinnie earns his Grand Champion title with a Best of Breed win and a Group 4  Naomi earns her first pass towards her Grand Ch. title.

February 1, 2020...Gunner and Lina attended a fun Upland & Retriever training day sponsored by the Great Lakes HRC club. Tried upland for the first time. Gunner found 5 planted birds and retrieved them

December 8, 2019.....K9 Fanciers  Kalamazoo, MI.....Wyatt becomes a Champion with several BOW. He also earned a BOB over the Champion class and a Group 4.

November 2, 2019...Naomi earns her UKC Champion title at the Michigan American Eskimo Assoc. show

September 2019...Pioneer, OH   Charli earns two passes towards her UKC/HRC Started Hunt title

June 2019...UKC largest annual event both Naomi and Nina attended one show and walked away with Best Female and Best of Winners respectively.

May 2019...Our Charli earns her trick dog title

February 2019...our Jewel earns her AKC Novice Trick Dog title.



October 14, 2017........................Vinnie earns two passes towards his Grand Champion title with a Best of Breed and a win in the Gun Dog Group!


October 7-15, 2017...Toy Fox Terrier Club and Am. Bulldog Club our Paris earned several Best Females and a Group 4 with a Best of Breed under a UKC/AKC judge to finish her UKC Championship.      Way to go Paris!!!!

August 19, 20 2017....Macomb Kennel Club our Twister earns two more points with a Best of Winners


July 22, 2017 Michigan Flyways Retriever Hunting Club Test....Jewel goes two for two and earns passes towards her AKC Junior Hunter title.  She is half way there!!


June 16, 2017...Traverse Kennel Club Show...both our Twister and Raven earn a point for Winners Dog and Winners Bitch.

April 21, 2017 Black Swamp Gun Dog Club had their first specialty in Bowling Green, OH honoring dual titled(breed and retriever) gun dogs. Four of our retrieving poodles...River, Charli, Jewel and Gunner were able to attend and receive rosettes in recognition of their working dog achievements.  They plan to make this an annual event.

April 22, 2017....Our Chiffon has been racking up Best of Breed at a number of shows against some stiff competition to earn her Grand Champion title at the Black Swamp Gun Dog Show in Bowling Green, Ohio.....Way to go Chiffon!!


April 2017....K9 Fanciers show  in Mason, MI, Vinnie earns his Championship with a Best Male.


March 19, 2017....our Missy earned her Grand Champion Title at the Toy Fox Terrier Club show in Whitmore Lake, MI.  She is our "third generation of Grand Champions"


Januay and Febuary 2017...been taking our retrievers to an indoor pool for some water retrieves during the winter months...everyone is having a blast!

November 2016....Analis became our third generation of "Certified Therapy dogs.
She visits two facilities in our area making faces smile!

August 7, 2016...Great News!  Jewel earns her last pass for her UKC "started" hunting title at the Kalamazoo Valley Hunting Retrieving Club. Well done Jewel and Lina!!

July 23, 2016....Brother and sister, Gunner and Charli had a GREAT "PARTI" weekend.  Gunner is now a UKC Champion and sis, Charli earned her first pass towards her AKC Junior Hunting title........way to go you two!    

June 25 & 26, 2016....Kalamazoo Valley Hunting Retriever Club.  Jewell earns two more passes towards her Started title.   Only one more to go!!  Jewell was handled by us.

June 18, 19.....Grand Traverse Kennel Club. Gunner and our fostered Ellie Mae(Chase n Tiara daughter) both earn their AKC Rally Obedience titles.  Ellie had High scores all three trials, one being first place.


May 29, 2016....Michigan Hunting Retrieving Club our Jewel earnes her first pass towards her HRC started title owner handled by Lina.



 May 21, 2016....our parti boy, Gunner earns his AKC Junior Hunter title at the "Michigan Flyways". First parti colored male standard poodle to earn first level titles for both UKC and AKC.     Way to go Gunner! 

 Gunner was owner/handled  by Lina.



 May 1, 2016....our Twister earns two more AKC points as Winners Dog at the Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County.



 April 23, 2016....Laporte, IN.......
Our Friend Ruth helped finish Charli's UKC championship with her last two wins.



 April 8, 2016...At the Mid Michigan Poodle Club Specialty our Twister earned Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex
for two more AKC points...owner handled.........Way to Go Twister and Gina!!!!!




 March 5, 2016.....ILLOWA KENNEL CLUB our fostered Phantom girl, Mariah earns her last two passes in the Champion class for her UKC Grand Champion title. She also won Best of Breed and a Group 1 in the Gun Dog Group.




 February 27, 2016....Our apricot girl, Neon is a new UKC champion with the help of our friend, Ruth.





January 31, 2016.......We have a new Puppy Champion. Clara(Trace and Crystal daughter) earned her UKC Champion title with 4 Best Females, 2 Best of Breed and Group 3 and 4 over adults dogs in the Gun Dog group.
Clara is a Sable/Brindle parti. She is only 6 months and two weeks of age.  Go Clara!!



 January 30, 2016...Our Jewel earns her
UKC Championship with a  Best Female.



 December 5, 2015.....Our Elsa finished the year earning her UKC championship.
Our little cream & white parti girl earned multiple Best Female and Best Of Breed for Multicolored Standard Poodles.
Her mom is our retired AKC Ch. "Velvet"




 November 28, 2015....Wapakoneta, OH    Our silver phantom "fostered" girl, Mariah earned two more Grand passes.....just two more to go for her Grand Champion title.





November 27, 2015 
We have a NEW UKC puppy champion.....Our Paisley and Trace daughter, Missy!
Missy was shown two weekends earning multiple Best Female, Best of Winners
and Best of Breed to complete her Championship at 10 months of age.
She will take a little break to grow some more hair before getting back in the ring.


October was a great month for Gunner....he earned his 2nd and 3rd pass towards his AKC Junior Hunter title....he needs just one more!  For now, he is taking a break and switching gears to get involved in some other things....STAY TUNED!!


September 16, 2015....Bella made her dad, Tyler proud....She is a River and Jewel puppy from 2015. 
At only 6 months of age.  She is our "3rd generation of solid colored retrievers"  
Making our River a proven sire for retrieving poodles...................YEAH Bella!!




August 29-30, 2015 in Birch Run, MI.......We have our first International Champion. Our Sable girl who we foster with Ruth earns multiple Best of Breeds and Group placements for her title. Nikki had a total of four judges from Canada and the U.S. which included an AKC judge give her the highest scores possible for her title.  We are so proud of her and her mom, Ruth for accomplishing this.





 August 22, 2015....Gunner earned his HRC/UKC Started Hunter retrieving title at the Southern Flight HRC test in Mississippi.





 August 9, 2015......Gunner earned his 3rd HRC Started pass at the Kalamazoo Valley HRC Hunt Test with his handler, Rich Louter!  Only one more to finish his Started title before going on to the next level...Go Gun Gun!!




 August 1, 2015...Our Jewel earns another Working Certificate at the MID-Michigan Poodle Club WC/WCX test.  Owner handled.



 July 18, 2015...Our Gunner earns his "first" pass towards his AKC Junior Hunter title on home ground here in Michigan with his trainer, Rich from Louter Creek Retrieving and Gun dogs.




June 12, 2015.....Traverse City Kennel Club..  Our Twister earns his first AKC point owner/handled.




 Our Parti puppy, Missy from our Paisley and Trace Winter 2015 litter makes
"Parti Poodle History at the "AKC" Traverse City Kennel Club Show June 13, 2015!!!!



Missy represented Standard Poodles in the non-sporting "Beginner Puppy" class earning Best of Breed and a Group 2. 

First known parti pup to take advantage of the new ruling for showing in BP.



 June 13, 14, 2015 at the Traverse City Kennel Club Show....CeCe went 3 for 3 and earned her AKC Rally Obedience title.


 CeCe is the mom of our Gunner pictured below....



 May 9, 10 2015....Our Gunner made us happy as he earned two passes towards his first hunting title at the Music City HRC 2015 Spring Hunt Test in Tennessee....Go Gunner!



April 25, 2015.....At the Echo Kennel Club, our 9 month old parti boy, Vinnie wins BOB and a Group 2 the first time in the show ring!





 March 29, 2015..........Our gorgeous boy, Twister earns Reserve Winners Dog to the 4 point major at the Key To The Sea Poodle Specialty in Toledo, Ohio with stiff entries.



 March 17, 2015...Gunner's typical training day in GA


Gunner going out and making a water retrieve....


 January 10, 2015.................We start the new year with sending off our Parti boy, Gunner to Georgia to spend some time with Rich Louter of "Louter Creek Hunting and Gun Dogs." Rich will continue our training of Gunner and eventually take him to hunting tests to earn a whole bunch of ribbons. Gunner is from our Dar and CeCe spring 2014 litter and has showed allot of desire to be a retrieving poodle from a very young age. We look forward to hearing good things about our boy as he trains and works with Rich.


Our summer training of Gunner as a young puppy with water and land before he would leave for "Retriever Poodle Camp"



 December 31, 2014......
We end 2014 announcing the accomplishments of our 2nd generation "Sable" Grand Champion.
Nikki is the # 4 Multicolored poodle in the UKC top ten standing for 2014 with very limited showing
making her the # 1 Sable Standard Poodle!! 
She earned multiple Best of Breed, Gundog Group and Reserve Best in Show placements.
Can't wait to see what 2015 brings this lovely girl as we have some very special things planned for her. 
Stay tuned!!



December 2014....Our Twister has been busy with AKC and UKC shows.  He is now a UKC champion with  his first Best Of Breed his second weekend of showing!



December 6, 2014.... Our Cece who is lovingly fostered by Ruth has earned her Grand champion title.




 October 4, 2014.....Congratulations to our Jewel earning her "first Hunter title" a Working Certificate at the Hoosier Labrador Retriever Club. Jewel was handled by us.



 September 13, 2014......We have a new AKC Senior Hunter!!
River earned his final pass at the Alanta Georgia Retriever Club......Way to Go River!!!!




 September 13, 14 2014.....Riley earns three qualifying scores in one weekend to gain his AKC Rally Obedience title.






September 7, 2014.............
We have a new Multicolored Grand Champion....Paisley

Photo below is from her first two passes in August.



 September 6, 2014.....River's earned his second pass towards his UKC seasoned Hunter title at the Northeast Florida HRC test.




 August 31, 2014.....This weekend River earned his first pass towards his UKC "Seasoned" Hunter title at the Music City HRC test in Tennessee.



 River went back down to Georgia to work with Rich Louter of
"Louter Creek Hunting Poodles" finishing up some loose ends in his training to finish his AKC Senior Hunting title. In the meantime, he is also entering the next level in UKC hunting.  We're hoping he brings home a bunch of ribbons!!!!

River is a brother to Ami below....this is a great family of poodles!



 June 15, 2014.... "Ami" one of our fostered girls from our Rene' and Gidget litter has just earned her AKC Novice Rally Obedience Title
at the Grand Traverse Kennel Club Show.  With very little training, Ami received three 1st place ribbons to qualify her.
Our Apricot line is super smart and willing to work.





 May 9, 2014...Centreville, MI  Our second generation "Fostered" Sable girl, Nikki has become a UKC Grand Champion
earning 4 out of 5 Best of Breed, 4 Group 1 and 2 Reserve Best in Show.






March 29, 2014 River earned his 3rd pass towards his Senior Hunter title at the Fall Line Retriever Club of Georgia....one more to go!!!




 December 31, 2013......River went down to Georgia to work on his Senior Hunt title(two more passes to go).......hoping for good news come March!




December, 7-8 2013...Kalamazoo, MI     We have a new UKC champion...our fostered phantom girl, Mariah

 Mariah finishes her Championship in GRAND style...earning 4 Best Females, Best of Breed over the champion and Grand Champion, Group 1 and being able to show herself in the Best In Show ring.  Her mom and we are very proud of this girl!   Her puppy photo below show photo.



September 7, 8 2013.....We have a new UKC champion at just 6 months of age....Chiffon


She has also started her AKC show career.


 August 31...At the UKC Bay Area Regional Kennel Club Show in Midland. Some of our extended poodle family.



Our 6 month old puppy "Chiffon" earning a group 3 her first weekend of showing.

 Nikki finished her UKC Championship also today. Completely shown and handled by her mom, Ruth.

 One of our Angelique daughters earns her UKC champion title with her mom, Karen.

 Unique's phantom daughter earned two wins
in the Junior Female class. Her mom, Charlotte is proud of her.




August 18, 2013..."Chiffon" from our Velvet and Trace litter earned "Best Puppy" recognition at the Mid-Michigan Annual Summer Fun All Breed Puppy Match. She turned just 6 months of age the day before.





 July 14, 2013.....Unique earned her UKC Grand Champion title in Lansing at the Canine Sport Club Show.




Go to her page to view more photos of this lovely Sable girl.
She is one of three daughters out of our foundation parti girl, "Angelique"
to earn titles in a number of venues.





 June 30, 2013....River came home with two passes toward his Senior Hunter title....he is halfway there!






June 15, 2013....Our Sable girl, Unique earns another win from the Champion class towards her
Grand Champion title at the 20th Annual UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, MI



 May 23, 2013.....New photos of Jewel and River down in Georgia.
They will be coming home the end of June.




May 23, 2013....We received these four new photos of Jewel and River down in Georgia training for retrieving. They will be going to trials all next month and we are rooting for them to do well.





 March 8, 2013......Our Sable girl, Unique earns her first pass towards her UKC Grand Champion title.






February 7, 2013

River and Jewel left for Georgia to train with Louter Creek Hunting Poodles.....hoping to hear good things
through the next couple of months.  





November 10, 2012........Kalamazoo, MI       River now has an AKC Rally Obedience title. 





 August 31, 2012...Our parti-factored silver girl, Josie earns her UKC Grand Champion title.







July 1, 2012                                                      River is now "SHR Rivers Edge Roll With It JH WC". 
                                       He earned his AKC Junior Hunter title at the Curly Coated Retriever Club in Hambden, Ohio 

Doing what Poodles were originally bred to do!!

Video of this is on our video page.





 June 17, 2012      

Both Paisley and Trace now have AKC Rally B Novice Obedience titles as they finished the second day of trials at the Traverse City Kennel Club Show......

Paisley earned a "first place" ribbon with a high score and Trace earned a third place on Sunday....

June 9-10, 2012 

Our fur-kids were busy this weekend.....River earns two more passes towards his AKC Junior Hunter title in Ohio. He has one more to go. He is doing great for his age/experience....with long water retrieves and developing a "soft" mouth.  Our Paisley and Trace both earned their first leg in Rally Novice B at the Mt. Pleasant Kennel Club show.





May 20, 2012

We are thrilled to share our exciting news about one of our home-bred apricots.

"River" has just earned his UKC "Started" title

at the The Old Hatchie HRC in Mississippi......... May 20, 2012.

He made 8 successful retrieves(four land and four water) during two weekends.

He is our Rene's second offspring with  "titled" retriever ability....

most have liked water and have strong prey drive.

He will continue to stay in Georgia  for awhile and work towards his AKC Junior Hunter title.

See you soon River!

Thank you Angie and Rich Louter (Louter Creek Red Hunting Poodles)



River is from the last litter of our Rene' and Gidget.....







March 31, 2012


We are happy to announce our new AKC Champion......

AKC, UKC Grand Champion Ref Mozaic Shimmer N Blu Velvet

Our beautiful blue girl, Velvet went Winners Bitch and earned her championship in style

with back to back majors at the "Key To The Sea" Poodle Club Specialty 

under judges Mrs. Connie Clapp and Mr. Charles Scott.

inHolland, Ohio     March 30 and 31, 2012














 January 20, 2012


River, our apricot boy from our Gidget's(last litter with Rene') has been down in Georgia since November in retriever training. He is coming along great with his marks, bringing to hand and swimming.  We are excited that this could be our Rene's second offspring who is fulfilling what a poodle was originally bred to do...retrieve!  
Go River!!
Looking forward to seeing you home in June.

"Thank you Angie and Rich Louter (Louter Creek Red Hunting Poodles) for  helping with a dream of ours and keeping us updated with photos"










We're getting closer!! 

At the St. Clair Kennel Club Show....September 18, 2011

Velvet earns Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners as Breeder/Owner Handled

under Judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard.

 She has a total of 9 points with her major.....6 more to go!







September 3 and 4, 2011   at the Marquette Kennel Club Show

Velvet earns Winners bitch on Saturday under Judge Mrs. Loraine Boutwell


Winners bitch and Best of Winners on Sunday under Judge

Mr. James G. Reynolds for a total of two points

Breeder/Owner Handled.






Velvet earns Winners Bitch
and then goes on to win Best Of Winners
for her first three point major.

 Expertly handled by Richard Lawless and team under Judge Sandra E. Ellis.

Macomb Kennel Club

Sunday June 26, 2011


 video below of her major win.





Velvet earns Winners Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex from the Bred By Exhibitor class for another point as Breeder/Owner handled. 

 Mt.Pleasant Kennel Club show June 12, 2011 under Judge Trotter



Velvet wins her Bred By Exhibitor class and goes on to earn Winners and Breed for another point.....Go Velvet!

 September 11, 2010 ....under Judge Jeffery M. Bazell

 Pontiac Kennel Club, Davisburg, MI




"Velvet's first Point"

Velvet wins her Bred by Exhibitor class then gets Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex

August 8, 2010 under Judge Robert D. Salsbury

Berrien Kennel Club, Marshall, MI




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