AKC Quality  Standard poodles in black, blue, apricot, cream and parti-colors located in Michigan

Welcome to our website...

Looking for a Great Family Companion
from someone who has 25 years of experience with poodles?

Rivers Edge Standard Poodles have been providing
families with loving, loyal companions since

 We brought OUR first Standard Poodle home in 1998
We have been privileged to have some families return for a 2nd and 3rd Poodle....

We "d
o things" with our Standard poodles for fun and at events. 
Our poodles are Our Companions First and it shows in their willingness to please.

We have personally Certified 
Some of our Standard Poodles have become PERSONAL SERVICE Dogs,
the latest  
"Gluten Detectioncompanions.
We have put numerous Obedience and Trick dog titles on our Standard Poodles.

Our Rene' sired the #11 MASTER HUNTER 
poodle in the U.S.
We have produced and personally titled a number of other retrievers for land and water.

 "Margot" was the first of
our certified therapy dogs.

We will never forget our Margot and Rene'
who were the "beginning" of 
Rivers Edge Standard Poodles.

Margot enjoyed 14 years with us and Rene' 15 years and 9 months!
We terribly miss these two but are so happy
to have their kids, grandkids, great grandkids etc. to carry on with...

Longevity is something we work towards with genetics and environment.

We received notice of one of their pups making it to an awesome 17 years young!
It's been typical for many of their offspring to live a wonderful long life of 14-15 years...

Rene' was the first of our many obedience titled dogs.


View our available page. Porsha's puppies have arrived!!

 Our Latest news page has some new announcements.



We use these Laboratories
for some of our health testing
to offer you healthier parents
for healthier puppies...



 If you like looking at poodle photos, you've come to the right place.
So enjoy!........but please ask before you take something to use.

Thank you,
Rivers Edge Standard Poodles





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